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Distortion Guitar Pedal

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Distortion Guitar Pedal
How exactly the guitar, distortion pedal and amplifier should be connected? What line?

I am interested in this, say for example I have a guitar, a distortion pedal and an amplifier, and cables, of course. The guitar must be plugged into the amplifier, the amplifier the outlet, the pedal in the amp (if it was wrong to correct me or confirm if it is correct please). And you can use one of two guitars distortion pedal? Or they have to use two at least? Thank you.

This depends on the team ... most commonly: plugs into the guitar distortion pedal input # 1, the output pedal plugs # 1 in the next pedal (# 2) input, the output jacks pedal # 2 for the amplifier. Each instrument (in this case, each guitar) has to have their own pedal (s). There are amps with onboard effects and which have a special plug for the effects pedal and no place to connect an instrument. If you connect two instruments in 1 pedal, which is INTRUMENT distortion pedal? Or ... If you connect two instruments on the same amplifier with built-in effects, how the electronic you know what instrument amplifier is what effects?

Joe Satriani and VOX - Satchurator Distortion Pedal

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