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Digitech Hardwire

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Digitech Hardwire
Can you sound like Dan Donegan using the metal hardwire pedal by digitech?

I also have an RP90 and the Boosta Grande by BBE, which has the digitech grunge pedal built into it, as well as the digitech death metal pedal!! Can I use all this to get a sound like dan's?(Hhaha lol and a fender frontman 65 watt amp!!)
Um...if possible give me the best setting for the pedal and amp like 6bass, 7middle, and 6treble and for the pedal 5bass, 8middle, and 7 treble. ok lol!
Number one, im not that young. Number two, I write my own songs and we have regular gigs ever month. I want to know how to get a similar sound to Dan to play Inside the Fire and Indestructable and Stricken live as a few bonus songs. So I am half artist/half coverband, I guess you could say!

oh for pete sake, all these young players wanting to sound

"just like ________"

Here's a great idea, instead of sounding like ________, create your own sound by learning to master the guitar that you have. Create music that is good for you and about you and sounds like you.

Then you can be an "artist" instead of a clone.

Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion Pedal

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