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Digital Recorder

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Digital Recorder

We know that online music sales gives us control over our music. But selling music online is no easy task. The sale of music on CD, directly to consumers (the trunk), perhaps a Littler moved easily, if your music is good and if you have a good sales skills.

With all distributors and retailers of digital music online, it is almost impossible to know where to put his music. Some promise that they can put their music on iTunes, and then you as a distributor IODA. That can put their music in over 300 more online music and mobile video content providers.

This is not going to sell their music. He put hundreds, perhaps thousands of other musicians and artists doing the same. This means more competition.

Ok, my point here is that we know times are tight, it's production cost and promote a record for resale. You have to convince fans to buy his music and his e-mail, or get the RSS feed to see our blog and upcoming articles on the music business.

If your looking for get funds to produce a record, or looking to make money with your legitimate web presence. I've included some resources to help monetize your record label digital. I use these for my business, and labor.

Sellaband is a social network of music you can go back to your fans and listeners bands for the producers, asking them to invest in a band or artist that support so it will be able to get a recording opportunity. Every single investor supporting a successful band will take home a small cut of the profits made by them. The artists receive not only financial support but also the 50% of advertising revenue from free downloads of their music.

YouLicense is an online music licensing market, worth a try. licensed music to films, television, advertising, internet, etc. and take the Commission only 9% for the service.

Rumblefish licensing music to film, TV, video games, advertising and marketing campaigns, podcasts, video blogs, the use of background etc., non-exclusive license agreement, 1-year, retain full ownership of their songs and you get 50% of license fees net.

Make Money Free Ads

There are hundreds of websites offering the opportunity to make money by placing ads on its website. But what are the best places to get revenue. How to pay? How long does it take to receive my money?

If you have these questions in his mind, that's cool, hopefully. I will list some websites that are reliable, and will pay by check or online.

How would receive payments online? Well, I use paypal.com. Paypal is a free online payment, as a merchant account, which allows the user to send or receive money online. You can auction and accept donations as well. What I like PayPal payments can be charged via email. Also a great amount affiliate programs to send payments through PayPal, the money goes directly to your account.

How can I make money free ads?

Well, you must first overstand a bit about HTML code, not its hard at all, just basically copy and paste the codes into that website or blog. However, these ads can be placed as banners, skyscrapers, block ads, etc. Some pay per click, some pay for impressions, some are videos, etc.

Since we are related to music that will stay on the road, but not all ads will be exactly related to music.

If you are looking for an easy way to monitor your fans, via email and text, you I recommend using Fanbridge.com. You can register for free. What I like Fanbridgeb can send text and email messages to your contacts from your computer or Blackberry. It is very easy to use and you can earn money as an affiliate. I know. Fanbridge I use for my business.

MusicSubmit - These types have a range of services for independent musicians. Internet promotions, radio promotions, promotions, travel, etc. You can also earn money affiliate to place an ad on your website or in your email.

Bidvertiser - Place a referral button or a text link on your site and you start making money when a user clicks the button or link and signs that an advertiser or a publisher. When a user and the advertiser and first spends $ 10, attesting to their has $ 5. When that same advertiser spends $ 50, you will be credited with an additional $ 20.

To Be Continued

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ZOOM H2 Digital recorder

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