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Digital Delay

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Digital Delay

This is a top 10 list of why there should not be a delay in the digital convergence for television. I don’t want to be cynical, but I suspect that the big boys in the cable and satellite industries are using monopoly politics as usual. They all use the delay tactic to limit the competition. So here you go…


1. It will kill a huge economic stimulus, that’s already in process. Companies throughout the television industry are creating new ways of addressing this emerging opportunity. Broadcasters, programmers and hundreds of support business have been formed or expanded around this new format and new companies are emerging (jobs).


2. Delaying digital conversion isn't "Green"! And I don't mean just money. Analog transmitters use three to four times the energy to operate as digital transmitters. What are we burning to get this energy?


3. It will stop the TV public from getting the highest quality TV reception with more channels! Why stop viewers with broadcast reception from enjoying the same high quality as those who have cable or satellite? Viewers with broadcast reception on digital TV will get a much better program selection and viewing experience. As word of this proliferates the reluctant converts will rush to get converters. A delay won't create demand, just kill it!


4. Digital Television is the same low cost to the viewer as over-air broadcast. Those on cable or satellite looking for alternatives to save money in these difficult economic times should be given the digital reception option now!


5. Running dual analog and digital systems beyond the February 17 conversion date costs money, it doesn't save money! Operating costs of both analog and digital systems require two payments for electric utilities. Broadcasters should not be required to continue to support this dual delivery system at a huge cost to them, which eventually will be passed to us the viewers as well as businesses who advertise on these broadcast outlets.


6. Huge investments in place to convert to digital (mandated by the government) won't show the projected return and may lead to less competition. As stations struggle with increased carrying cost of capital some may fail. (Loss of jobs)


7. It will prevent consumers from getting the benefit of their new digital television purchases. Some have purchased digital TV’s with the intent to save money by opting out of paid services for entertainment and news. Now that these viewers have purchased these televisions don’t pull the plug!


8. Our government investment to promote the change over to a digital delivery system will be lost. Any progress gained from promotion or public awareness will be lost. Taxpayers have paid $2 billion dollars for this expenditure; which will have to be paid for again.


9. We the taxpayers are potentially going to delay or loose the $19.7 billion dollars sold in analog spectrum. The businesses who support the operations and use of the spectrum we sold will be delayed, disrupted and may never recover.


10. Last but not least the “change” we all expected from a new administration was not to be swayed by special interests – The only groups that will benefit for a digital conversion will be the special interest cable and satellite monopolies.


This kind of sums it up. The opposition to this technological advancement is not consumer lobbies as is being reported. That is just a smoke screen. You can bet the consumer groups don't even understand the issues. They have been told by the monopolies that there is a problem with the acceptance of the product and blames it on the current administration is to blame.  Most consumers are ignorant about these types of issues and would only get it once the old analog signal is turned off. For my money we need to carry the convergence and let the cards fall as they may.  Besides, the consumer is going to win big time in this digital environment with more channel choices than ever.  

Boss DD-6 Digital Delay Demo Video

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