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A wide-screen TV, a DVD player, and speakers are typical components of a home theater system.

People who enjoy complete surround sound from DVDs and HDTV broadcasts use up to seven speakers and a subwoofer to enhance the experience. You may not consider features such as Pro Dolby Digital or 7 point surround sound as being very important. But if you want to sit at home, and enjoy the ambience of a cinema, you will relish the above features. Again, this depends on where your house is located. If you live in an area where your neighbors might complain of the noise, the surround sound may prove a disturbance.

You could opt for a powerful system, provided you have a separate room. For a large room, you will need an 80 watt receiver. If you are a newbie owner of a home theater system, you can start with a small number of quality speakers, and add more later, along with a sub woofer.

You need a large screen HDTV model that delivers a quality image to enhance your movie watching experience. HDTV sets are available with different display resolutions such as 720p (1280 by 720 pixels), 1080i or 1080p (1920 by 1080), 1366 by 768, and 1024 by 768.

In order to create the surround sound experience of a movie theater in the privacy of your home, you should opt for a perfect combination comprised of front and left speakers, a center channel speaker, surround speakers and a subwoofer. You want to make sure that the various speakers work together, as a single unit, in cohesion. Merely buying speakers of a recognized brand or model might only insure that they individually deliver great sound, while not working as a cohesive whole.

If you wish to be hassle free, not having to worry about whether your receiver and speaker set match, then, a Home theater in a box (HTiB) system is just what the doctor ordered.

If you want a powerful, pure and complete home theater experience, opt for a Denon 4308. A Denon AVR-4308CI model has many features to enhance your enjoyment of high-end Denon audio/video performance.

These include a single unit that functions as an amplifier/ preamplifier/ control center, with a built-in DVD/ CD player or changer, a surround sound decoder that can decode all the major surround sound formats, including Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic II, six speakers, and wireless remote control, all incorporated into this system.

It comes with a versatile HDMI switching, wireless PC networking, a built-in HD Radio tuner, and flexible multi-room A/V options. It even includes Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding aimed at providing superior surround sound performance with high-def disc players and discs.

The 4308 receiver also supports digital to analog conversion for multi-zone applications and second zone component video output. Faroudja FLI2310 processing is used in 4308ci, which is found in the Oppo DVD players.

Denon offers two years warranty on parts and labor.

Decades of dominance have made Denon products synonymous with unquestionable quality among audiophiles. Denon are undoubtedly the world's foremost manufacturers of high-end audio and video equipment for professional studios and consumers.

Buying a Denon (including the Denon AVR 4308) from a reliable source does make a difference.

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