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d'addario exp16
How can I fix this string problem on my guitar?

I just changed my strings on my acoustic guitar. The first thin string on E sounds horrible even with the right tuning. It has this off key buzzing effect when I play for example the D chord. I tried changing the string again since I had a spare and I still have the same problem. The tuning is on key, the strings are brand new D'addario Light EXP16. What could be the problem?

Eric deserves the 10 points.

Look at your high E string when you play a chord. If you look closely, you can physically see the string vibrate against a higher fret.

99 times out of a hundred, this is your problem.

You need a "set-up." They adjust the neck, intonation, height of the bridge..etc..so your guitar is in tune up and down the neck.

In the midwest, a good set up is about $35....well worth it.

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