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Custom Crash

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Custom Crash

Why we are giving away a Free 5 plan Crash Course
No one business in truly immune to what is now knows as the ‘Credit Crunch'.  Especially as we are starting to see a squeeze on your potential customer base.

It is important to take sensible quick and decisive action, but where do you start?

When you're under pressure from weakening demand and reduced lending by the banks compounded by slowing growth and job losses staying focused can be quite challenging.

Your coming months should be about instilling the right discipline in your business and making decisions that will help you turn some of the crisis on its head.

We invite you to take advantage of our free crash course on how to attract new customers and keep them.  Planning is essential to your success throughout 2009. 

If you employ staff you need to start utilizing staff promotions to keep them all interactive within the business.  If you work with a partner, this is really when things could get a little tricky, but draw on the strengths that you both have by using some of the tools listed to help your business to move forward.

Register today to get free 5 plan crash course on Getting more customers

You might want to come to our 1 day workshop which will cover a variety of topics in more depth.

Here's what we are going to cover on the day

  • How to get closer to you bank
  • How to generate more customers and keep thm coming back.
  • How to generate more cash and profit for your business
  • How to save your cash and carefully make it work for you.
  • How to benefit from any Government initiative in the UK
  • How to protect your personal wealth
  • How to get smarter with technology
  • How to keep staff from stealing your customer base
  • How to get smarter with incentives and many more structured topics 


Not sure what to do next?

It was only a few months ago you could remember a steady stream of regular clients, most of them you could
call them by their first name.  Funny how quickly things seem to change. Just think... your probably feeling embarrassed to call them because you are sympathising that they are suffering from the credit crunch too.

On the other hand even if your company is doing well during a down economy, you need to make plans for customers who may start cutting back.

They key is to shift your marketing (if your doing any) from image-oriented marketing to direct response, measurable advertising our free five part crash course will help you to achieve this. If you keep doing the same old thing, you will keep getting the same results. 

Our five plan crash course covers a lot of information which can be used practically and almost immediately without spending too much money.

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