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Collection Display

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Collection Display

Let's face it: A home display cabinet can be an expensive proposition for collectors in the UK.

But if you want to protect your collection from dirt, dust and breakage, home display cabinets are the perfect choice. In this article, we'll present some tips and suggestions about how to best show off your collection in display cabinets at home.

How Not to Display Your Collection

No matter what type of collection you have, to display it properly, it should be kept together, not scattered about on tables and shelves. Keeping your collection together maximizes the visual impact when people view it. Of course, it would be a simple matter to just arrange your items on open shelves, but this leaves them vulnerable to dust and dirt. And without the proper lighting, your collection won't display in the best possible way. So, now you're faced with adding lighting to those open shelves, a proposition that could be expensive.

A Dedicated Display Cabinet Solves a Number of Problems

Luckily, there is an easy solution to your dilemma: a dedicated display cabinet that will safely house your collection. The advantages of a display cabinet are many. First, many cabinets come with built in lighting that's often adjustable. Look for cabinets with fluorescent light bulbs that simulate daylight as closely as possible. These bulbs are available at most hardware stores and home centers and are usually labeled "natural" or "full spectrum." To compliment the lighting, you may want to consider a glass display cabinet with a mirrored back that reflects light and shows the back detail of your collectibles.

Features of a Quality Display Cabinet

Be sure to choose a cabinet storage unit with a white interior. Again, this will display your collection in the best possible manner. To accommodate items of all shapes and sizes, your room display cabinet should have adjustable shelves, preferably made of glass. Here's a tip: when arranging your collectibles on the shelves, put the taller items toward the back and the smaller items toward the front. This will allow you to store more items on each shelf. The choice of doors for even a small display cabinet is critical. Some come with sliding glass doors and others have the more traditional doors that swing open. The traditional doors are preferred, since they open wide to facilitate adding and removing even the largest items. Whichever type of doors you choose, they should be lockable.

Selection of a home display cabinet is an important process for UK collectors who want to both protect and exhibit their collections in the most secure and attractive way possible.

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