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Classic Guitar

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Classic Guitar

For most players, the realm of classical guitars is one that they'd just as soon avoid. The scale length is different, the neck is wider, and they're harder to play, so why bother?

Why? Because the world of the classical guitar is definitely one worth exploring and one that will reap incredible rewards the more you explore it. A well-executed classical passage within a rock song can give an air of class and distinction to the music, not to mention adding a great break in the middle of the song. Playing classical guitar, even if you use it traditionally (playing simple fingerpicker parts, strumming and single-note lines) can help your playing take a giant leap


Classical guitars are very, very similar in their construction to traditional acoustic guitars. The body is smaller, but the bracing methods and wood types are similar. The necks are wider to accommodate your fingers, the nylon strings give the classical guitar its distinctive tone, but most players with average-size hands find that this transition isn't as difficult as they first may have pictured it.

What can a Classical guitar do for you?

Well, give it a try and you'll find out a whole new world.

Stairway to Heaven on classical guitar

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