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Chorus Pedal

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Chorus Pedal

Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and Vibrato Effects pedals are grouped together as "Modulation Effects" for the guitar. These types of effects modulate the audio signal by slowly varying the pitch of the sound. Here is a discussion of each type of guitar foot pedal for modulation effects.


The Chorus pedal produces a doubling effect by playing back a slightly detuned and delayed signal along with your original signal. It is effective when used with a clean amp signal to produce a fuller tone. This results in a rich, kind of "shimmering" quality of sound. If you listen to music by The Police, you will hear a lot of chorus effect on the guitar.


The Flanger mixes two signals of identical pitch together with one of the signals being delayed by very small and varying increments of time. The effect is a "sweeping" sound that some have described as the sound of a jet. In the "old days", flanger effects were achieved by playing back the same sound on several tape decks while the engineer used his finger to vary the speed of the various tapes. Fortunately, we now have digital effects. The Beatles were one of the first groups to use flanging and, in fact, are often credited with influencing the development of the technique. Listen to "Tomorrow Never Knows" from the "Revolver" album to hear some of the first use of flanging.


The phaser was first created to simulate the sound of the old Hammond B3 organ "Leslie" speaker. This was a giant rotating speaker which had a rotating horn and a spinning drum under a 15-inch woofer. The sound of a phaser is somewhere between the extremes of the flanger and the sparkling sound of the chorus pedal. If you listen to the first two albums of Van Halen, you will hear a lot of phaser effect on the guitars.

Tremolo and Vibrato

Tremolo is an effect that was found on guitar amps in the 1950's. The effect was achieved by varying the volume of the signal up and down. With modern digital Tremolo pedals, you can vary the depth and rate of the volume change. Vibrato is an effect achieved by varying the pitch of the signal. The vibrato effect is heard in the voices of trained singers. If you want to hear the vibrato effect on guitar, listen to Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower.

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How to Use a Guitar Effect Pedal : Chorus Effects for the Electric Guitar

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