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Change Capo

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Change Capo
When I put a capo on my guitar does it change the key of the music score?

Im trying to tab up some music. the score says to play a cm on the guitar and the key is Eb maj (3flats) on i have discovered that the guitar is actually to have a capo on the 3rd fret and the cord is now A5 the guitar tuning is also changed (EABEBE) .with the capo on does the key of the score change?

The wording of your question leaves me a little unclear about what you need to know. In general, the key of the score should stay the same. You use the capo to make it easier to play the guitar in the key of the score. In this case, Eb is one of the least convenient keys to play in without a capo.

By putting a capo on the 3rd fret, you would play an Eb by fingering a C chord, and the Cm by fingering an Am.

I don't know where the A5 is coming in here, and if you are tuning the guitar differently, (EABEBE) then it's beyond me.

Scorpions - Wind of Change by Capo Six

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