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guitar project

March 5th, 2010 No comments

guitar project
Guitar Project?

Id like to build a guitar but I have a few questions....

If I buy a body like this does it matter what kind of neck I get or do I have to get the same brand...?

Also I have some pickups picked out, but where do I get the bridge, and all the volume controls and such...?


Well, the important thing is that the neck fits the body precisely. So, you need to get a Fender Stratocaster neck or an exact clone. If it's not a perfect fit, you'll have trouble getting the bridge the right height and the sustain will be not quite right either.

The guy who is selling the body on ebay also sells all the parts you need.

Otherwise, has everything you need, even pre-assembled Fenders :)

Go with the flow (original) - Fender Strat guitar project

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