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Casio Ctk

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Casio Ctk

If you are looking for a keyboard that will be user friendly and will help you to learn music, if you are a beginner then Casio is the best brand for you. Almost all the models of Casio are good for children and beginners as well as established musicians. The Casio CTK 3000 keyboard is one of the models of Casio which has some great features and will be perfect for use.

The Casio CTK keyboard has built in tones and it includes the tones of piano and other acoustic instruments too. This keyboard has a 48 note polyphony, which is great because it will reduce the chances of the notes dropping.

The keyboard has 61 keys and has 2 sensitivity levels, which help it to respond to your touch. It has as many as 400 tones and each of the tones are of high quality and includes a stereo grand piano tone. There are total 150 rhythms among which 55 of them are ethnic rhythms and 20 of them are patterned like piano.

It also has a lesson system which is directly supported by Casio. It has audio inputs with which you can connect MP3 players. Other features include a USB port and a pitch wheel, which helps with additional expression of the sound.

All these features make the Casio CTK 3000 keyboard more realistic as well as very much expressive like no model before and the price range is even quite low. This keyboard even has a song bank controller and a LCD, which displays songs and lyrics. The batteries required are AA size and 6 in number but if you get a Casio AD5R keyboard power adapter then you will save on the cost of batteries.

A song book is also available with it and a rest where you can keep your song book to view the songs properly. The notes can be played delicately due to the presence of touch response keys on the keyboard.

Bappalander Casio CTK-495

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