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Case Holds

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Case Holds

With the prices of iPods up into the hundreds, it is important to protect them. When I received my first 30 gig iPod classic as a present, I knew I needed some sort of protection or it would not last the week. Skateboarding, snowboarding, bike riding, jumping on the trampoline, and just being a bit clumsy were all factors that made me worry. Being a broke art student, I did not want to purchase an expensive case. I decided to make one out of duct tape. The summer prior I had taught classes at Michaels, the arts and crafts store, teaching young kids and teens how to make crafts out of duck tape. We made bags, wallets, bracelets, rings, picture frames, and belts. It's true, you really can make anything out of duct tape.

I grabbed some tape, foam, clear plastic, a ruler, a cutting board and got to work. By wrapping the duck tape around foam, I was able to add a significant amount of padding to ensure protection against breaking in case of a fall. I also secured clear plastic over the holes for the screen and touch pad to keep the iPod clean. I basically constructed a pocket for the iPod to slip into. It stays intact using a small strap secured with Velcro that sits in-between the headphone jack and hold switch. The case holds up well. My iPod is still in great condition after many falls.

It doesn't cost much to make and you can fully customize it using duct tape colors of your choice. I took pictures and added written instructions for each of the 59 steps of the design and posted then on my website for anyone who is interested in making an iPod case of their own. I hate when I open a craft book and there are paragraphs of instructions with only two pictures to accompany them. I am a visual learner as I am sure many other craftspeople are as well.

Not everything needs to be bought at a store. Creating things with your own hands and imagination is fun and rewarding. Give it a try!


Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On

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