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Case Gig Bag

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Case Gig Bag
Do Epiphone Electric Guitars come with a case/gig bag if purchased in the UK?

I've ordered a Tony Iommi signature G400 and I'm not sure if I will need to buy a case. I had a Gibson SG standard a few years ago which came with a soft case/gig bag. I had to sell it.......serious bummer.
Ron S, .....because many guitar shops will remove the case and try to sell you it as an additional item - especially if you get them to pricematch an online dealer. Do you believe everything that salesmen tell you?
ootheven, check the spec of the Iommi signature on www.epiphone.com. It's no toy. That's a really foolish sweeping statement. The pickups are Gibson Tony Iommi signature BC's and the only big differences can be found on the review link on page for that model.

The Tony Iommi pickups are better than the Alnico 490/498 ones on the Gibson SG standard.....and the TI G400 is at least £500 ($1000) cheaper than a new Gibson SG.

Why did you sell it? The Epiphone version is a toy in comparison. Maybe the G400 is ok, and I believe they have cases, though I think they charge extra. If you want a good case that won't let any breakage occur, get a Hiscox SG case. SG's have a rather delicate neck/ headstock joint, and should be evenly supported.

My mistake. I checked the spec and it looks like you've got yourself a good'un.
Best of luck with it!

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