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Capo Acoustic

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Capo Acoustic
Can i use a normal acoustic capo for a classical guitar?

i have a classical guitar but im looking for a new steel string acoustic guitar. i need a capo for the songs i would like to play, but don't wanna waste money buying a classical capo.

will a classical capo be ok for a normal acoustic guitars?
or will a normal acoustic capo be ok for classical guitars?

oh and my classical i have has nylon strings.

thanks xoxo

The main difference between classical and steel string acoustic guitars is that the neck of a classical guitar is wider, so that a classical capo might overhang the acoustic guitar, but that usually is not a problem. Make sure an acoustic capo is big enough to cover all the strings of a classical guitar.

The string tension of a steel stringed guitar is greater than that of a nylon stringed guitar, but all capos placed near the fret should have enough force to hold the strings down adequately.

Be Thou My Vision (Cut Capo Acoustic Guitar)

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