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Cable Xlr Female

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Cable Xlr Female

The Cables And Adapters

Not everything plugs in right, just like not every cinderella shoe fits a bubble butt brazilian female, or every rapper can sing (scratchy voice rappers, please stop singing, leave it to the females) For example if you went along with some cheapo headphones you're gonna have to pay to plug it in your new audio interface or soundcard. To convert it's small 1/8 inch plug to fit in the 1/4 inch input of the soundcard or interface you need a 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter. Your monitors may also not plug in directly into those inputs, so you'll need to convert it's RCA output to 1/4 inch stereo. So you'll need to buy a RCA to 1/4 inch stereo adapter.

Some rocket scientists (Or rapper scientists) will insist they sincerely do not have the money or the need for a condenser microphone (which will also need phantom power) so they will use that logic to buy a pro-quality dynamic mic and try to plug it into their soundcard's inputs. They then find that their Shure 58 doesn't quite fit the input by a long shot, so they go back to the music recording store, curse out the guy at the register, ask for their money back, but instead their ego feeds them the solution that an exchange to a mic with 1/4 inch stereo connections are better. The front register guy tries to persuade him, just to get a cheap pre-amp with the 1/4 inch outputs, but the rapper won't listen to his advice a "second" time. So the rapper goes home happy and the guys at the music store are shaking their heads at this moron.

Since these microphones have larger XLR connections you will need to buy a specialized XLR to 1/4 inch stereo adapter (Which I don't recommend, in fact I just say get an interface that can take in XLR inputs and the solution would have been solved). Most of these analog to digital converter suck ass (Hey, I used to be a rapper scientist too) unless you spend big bucks. But why spend money, this would have me to ask the question on why didn't you just buy a small mixer or audio interface instead? You may want to plan on buying several 1/4 inch stereo connection wires in the case you'll be using the ouput of your soundcard or interface in funky little ways like connecting it into other gear, stereos, mixers, line-ins, and anything else.

RECOMMENDED CABLES AND ADAPTERS (Sorted by price, lowest to highest)

Live Wire XLR male to female Stereo Adapter

Price: $2.99

Hosa Stereo Y-Cable Mini Male to Two RCA males

Price: $4.99

Live Wire XLR (female) to stereo (male) Adapter

Price: $10.99

Monster Cable Rock 1/4" Straight Instrument Cable

3 foot - Price: $29.95

6 foot - Price: $34.95

12 foot - Price: $39.95

21 foot - Price: $49.95

Rode Broadcaster, Blue Icicle, K&M Scissor Stand (VO Studio) Part 2

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