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Cable Cords

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Cable Cords
How do I connect multiple cable wires in the back of a TV?

DishNetwork have recently installed. I do not want to pay the money extra every month for local channels and I have an antenna for the locals. The problem is that I only have a slot for connecting cable into the back of my TV. So is there something I can buy that you can use cable to connect multiple cable TV? Thanks in advance!

The satellite dish has a different port for external antenna cable. I have this configuration. Check your receiver manual for a diagram. You can also see the back of the receiver, the connector has the same appearance as the satellite cable, but to one side. You can view the manuals on the dish network website as well. The rear panel has the following connectors. FEATURES REAR PANEL • 1 Satellite antenna input • 1 set of RCA type audio / video outputs • 1 S-video output • 1 RF modulated output (channels 3 / 4) • 1 TV antenna / cable input here <========= antenna connector • 1 • Taking your 3-wire power points

Throwing Bottle Caps at Electricity Cable Cords

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