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blue flowers

Blue flowers can have a calming effect on people. It is linked to natural elements of sky and sea, associated with peace and tranquility. The flowers blue in the garden can have a calming effect and in our modern high pressure requires that each reduces stress, it can get. Here are five beautiful flowers blue every garden can benefit from:

1. Nikko Hydrangea 'Blue'

Blue hydrangeas are classic garden. They have been popular for hundreds of years, but new varieties, like Hydrangea Nikko "Tender Blue 'blue even better than ever. This is a terrible accent or border plantings of shrubs in the sample. It has large flower shaped balloon with flowers. 'Nikko Blue' grows 4.6 'high and wide and thrives in partial shade. You want to keep soil pH in the range 5.2-5.5. To decrease the pH are aluminum sulfate for 2 c. tablespoons of water / gal and sprayed around the base of the plant. There are kits sold pH acidification, just follow the directions on the package.

2. Blue Plumbago

Blue Plumbago is an evergreen shrub / vine, which also includes groups of blue flowers. He is a producer of early 10 'x 10' if not retouched. Can be trained as a vine if it has the support like a trellis, or pergola Arbor. It is also widely used as ground cover, but will need to be pruned to keep in check the height. Blue Plumbago requires full sun but tolerates some shade.

3. Blue Salvia

This is another great perennial produces spikes of blue flowers. It can reach up to 18 "tall by 12" wide, can not tolerate drought and poor soils average. He is from the south-west so is no stranger to difficult conditions. Can be used in mass plantings or in containers. It is also ideal for cutting.

4. Vinca Minor (periwinkle)

Vinca is a ground cover that produces small blue flowers profusely during the spring and periodically during all summer. This corridor of a drought-resistant vine still very down to earth, 6 "in height and produces 18" long. Excellent for mass planting or even for accent plants in containers or pots.

It is a great plant to grow in the garden because it is a perennial plant in the southern states, strong drought once established and some varieties have a lot of blue as the Verbena x hybrida 'Blue Lagoon'. It blooms all summer, grows 12? high and

5. Verbena Blue

Verbena Blue is an annual event in the north of the country and a perennial in the south. A new variety is "Blue Lagoon" - That grows 12 "tall and wide and needs full sun. Ha 'Blue Lagoon' dark green foliage and small flowers, dark blue and a sweet aroma. It also mold resistant.

The five blue flowers are ideal for the garden, not only for its color, but also because they are very easy to grow and will be a great pleasure to your life.

Dr.Octagon - Blue Flowers

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