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blue bloods

First, consider some basic facts then further into this great race.

Breed Group: Working

Weight: males up to 100 pounds, women about 78 pounds

Size: Males 22-25 cm, females 20-23 inches


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog developed in the Alapaha River region in southern Georgia during the 1800s. At first these dogs were used as guard dogs and cattle. The Alapaha Blood Blue Bulldog is a descendant of the original Bulldogs who came to America from England as the American Bulldog in 1700. These dogs have been there for almost three generations - And were used as guard dogs Plantations. This breed is also known as "Otto", as they are direct descendants of dogs that keep Buck Bulldog Lane - Especially one with the name of Otto.


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog shows the incredible strength and are very flexible and dogs of physics. They are very strong, but also a warning. These dogs have been named blue blood because they are so noble of them. Alapaha custody of the owner's family and property instinct, but they are not aggressive dogs. However, it will go to great lengths to protect their families. In general, means Alapaha good with kids and other dogs, but may attack when they feel threatened. These dogs are aggressive when they have to defend themselves or their families therefore need not be in a string when closed. The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is very bright and attentive, and have a lot of heart. This breed is wonderful companion dogs.


The preparation needs of these dogs are not very high, and the mantle Alapaha requires minimal attention to stay in good condition. These dogs can be brushed occasionally to dead hairs can be removed - these dogs are average shedding dogs. The Alapaha not be bathed very often, once every two weeks.


The Alapaha is a very easy dog to train because of their high intelligence, but training must begin at a very young age. They also do very well when it comes to obedience training and have a means of solving abilities. These dogs are also easy to clean and have no problems walking on a leash.

Health Issues

Because the gene pool of these dogs is very low, which tend to develop health problems such as entropion, which is a version of eyelid.

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