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Blue Acoustic Guitar

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Blue Acoustic Guitar
Where can I buy guitar strings of the color of an acoustic guitar?

Im looking for baby blue acoustic guitar strings. either coated. Many companies do not make them, and are slightly more expensive than normal, but a company called HD makes the big chains of color. Not Found no baby in blue, but I found a few others you might like. Here are some links: Blue DR strings - DR http://www.stringthis.com/dr-el6str-peablue.html Hot Pink - http://www.music123.com/DR-Strings-PKE-9-Hot-Pink-Coated-Lite-Electric- guitar strings-101626-i1176460.Music123? cm_mmc = $ (DR% )$-_- channel 20Strings-_-20Accessories% Guitar-_-DR% 20PKE-20Strings% 9% 20Hot%% 20Pink 20Coated% 20Lite% 20Electric% 20Guitar% 20Strings & source = ZWPGWXX & MR: referral = 996a457d-1945-409d-970e-DR Silver Stars edaacb6a135d - http://www.music123.com/DR-Strings-SIE-9-Silver-Stars-Coated-Electric-Guitar-Strings-101667-i1176468.Music123?cm_mmc = $ (channel) $-_ - DR-_-20Strings% 20Accessories% Guitar-_-DR% 20Strings% 20SI-9% 20Silver%% 20Stars 20Coated% 20Electric% 20Guitar% 20Strings & source = ZWPGWXX & MR: referral = c7c3eb4d-23f4-4630-Aabe-4925be6a277b

Blue Bossa - acoustic guitar

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