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Black Les Paul

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Black Les Paul
What is the difference between the Epiphone Les Paul Custom and the Epiphone Les paul Black Beauty?

Other than the Black Beauty having 3 pick-ups and the Custom having only 2. Are there any others? They look exactly the same other than that and the price difference isn't that significant.

Would like to know as I am planning to buy a Les Paul at the end of the year and prefer the look of the Custom (2 pick ups) and could live without an additional one. However, i wouldnt mind payin the extra $200AUD if its worth the upgrade.

they are exactly the same besides having a mid pickup. both are mahogany with rosewood fretboard (22 frets). even have the same pups, vol and tone pots. they are literally exactly the same besides that one pup. and on the one with two pups, you can set the tone to a combination of the neck and bridge pickups, essentially making the same sound that the middle pickup would make (it has a 3-way pickup switch.) Its not worth the extra money for that one pickup, theyre a pretty crappy pickups anyway (id replace them). good luck

1991 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Reissue plus Elmwood Modena M-60

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