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Bass Electric

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Bass Electric

This is useful information for anyone attempting the construction of an electric upright bass.

In spite of the inherent complexities of the electric double bass, it is in fact quite simple to build. You may be surprised to realise that I constructed my own from scratch and did so within a month.

Here are some great tips to cut the work load

1. Although I built everything on my electric upright bass from scratch. It isn't necessary parts can be found quite cheap online

2. Strings can be found at WAY lower prices online then offline

3. Pickups for your double bass will cost over $100 new but if you buy the same piezo from an electronics shop will only cost you 50c I have included links at the bottom to a totally free construction guide

Here are some Important safety tips If you learn nothing else from this article, remember this. When carving the neck of your electric upright bass, always move the rasp away from you. When choosing a wood to make your electric double bass I highly recommend Mahogany. Mahogany should be used for the neck and the body.

When deciding if you will build or buy the neck I ask you to consider the price.

While it is possible to build the electric upright bass in full, the fingerboard is very hard to get perfect Also as you will need to use Ebony for the fingerboard you will find it cheaper to buy in the finished article rather than buy the materials and carve one yourself Don't forget this will not be an easy thing to do. You are proposing to build an instrument of a large scale but you can learn.

While some parts may seem impossible to build, these are simple when broken into a series of small tasks or even easier when simply bought.

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