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Bass Control

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Bass Control

Car audio components are being improved each passing day to upgrade sound systems. If one does not opt for these improved components, then one might just be living in the past. These improved components add greater functionality to your car audio system.

These components are speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, amplifiers, ipod adapters and more. All these add another dimension to your audio system. You have the option of settling for your factory installed system, however, aftermarket systems are massively superior to factory systems. But that's by the way.

To take your car audio to another level, you'll need to add new speakers, upgrade your receiver, add tweeters, add an amplifier, install vibration dampers like dynamat, install bass blockers on your full-range component speakers, add equalizers and other signal processors -- the list goes on...

Adding new speakers to your audio system will alter your setup most dramatically (if done right). This is because your speakers are the most important units in your car audio set up. Also know that you need to add such that will fit your vehicle. This will prevent sound inbalance or damage to your audio system. What you install is what you get. If you install old age-stricken stuff, then you get old age-stricken sound.

Adding tweeters to your sound system improves your listening experience. A tweeter takes care of those sizzling highs that cannot be catered for by regular speakers. A crossover will help make your output stage a lot better.

Upgrading your receivers will ensure better sound and less distortion. This could include adding additional music sources like a portable DVD, a satellite radio tuner and more; through an auxiliary input.

You also need vibration dampers. Dynamats absorb the vibration caused by your car speakers and road noise. When these vibrations are absorbed, you can conveniently hear the music that comes out of your sound system without background noise.

If you're in for the best sound, you'll need to add a bass blocker. Installing bass blockers on your full range component speakers simply help to block the bass frequencies that your speakers cannot handle. They are installed on your speaker's wire. This helps remove distortion from your music.

Other steps you could take to improve your car audio output include making sure your subwoofers and speakers are in phase, changing the position or enclosure style of your subwoofer and avoiding extreme bass control boost.

Your subwoofers and speakers wired in phase helps give more balance to your sound. Make sure the positive and the negative sides are wired accordingly at both the receiver and the speakers.

Changing the enclosure style of your subwoofer actually depends on the type of bass sound you prefer. Some prefer a boomy bass; others prefer a low frequency bass. The position of your subwoofer will determine that.

Avoiding extreme bass control boost and turning up your volume instead will give less distortion to your signals.

Implement these and your car audio will never remain the same.

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