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Axiom Pro

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Axiom Pro
How do I set up an M-Audio Axiom 25 With Logic Pro?

Some keys work, and some don't

If you are using a Midi cable and sending signal through your Audio Interface try the following:

Before you open Logic Pro, try going into the AMS (Audio Midi Setup) in the utilities of your Mac. Click on the Midi tab in the AMS window and then you should see a logo representing your Axiom and the Audio Interface you are using. Make sure that their are lines connecting the Axiom logo to the Interface (the lines represent wires). Then try opening Logic Pro and and if it still doesnt work, open the Preferences Window from the Logic Pro tab in the menu bar. Click on the Midi tab and you should be able to add your Axiom that way.

If you are connecting your Axiom through a USB cable and bypassing the Audio Interface try this:

Open the AMS window and make sure that your Axiom has appeared and that your Mac is recognizing it. After that, open Logic Pro and check the MIDI settings in the Preferences Window, try adding your Axiom through that.

If your still having troubles, try troubleshooting it:
- Try using different virtual instruments and see if maybe your encountering some sort of communication glitch with your AMS or Logic. If some instruments work and others dont, try reinstalling Logic.

- Make sure you have the latest driver from the M-Audio website.

- If you have other Digital Audio Workstation programs, try using your Axiom with them to see whether your Axiom is malfunctioning or if is just Logic.

- Try using different USB inputs on your Mac, or Midi inputs on your Audio Interface to make sure you havent fried out any ports.

If all else fails, try contacting M-Audio or Apple to get some help.

Hope this was helpful!

[NAMM 2009] M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

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