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Auth Dealers
Is there any way to find out whether T-Belt has been replaced in a Honda Accord?

I brought a pre-used Honda Accord EX (Manual - VTEC) 1996 model from a dealer with 94k miles. Is there any way by which I can find out whether T-Belt replacement was done by the previous owner? I have asked the dealer to check with the previous owner but somehow they failed. I also got a buyer inspection done from an Auth. Honda dealer but according to them it has to be replace if not done by the previous owner.

don't believe what the mechanics have told you.
the best way u can do it is by looking at the belt. it sould be on the left side of the engine. and since its 1996 i am guessing that it will not have a cover on it ....if it does then its gonna be pain in the butt.
get the cover off and look at the belt...if you see ANY cracks which can be either really small or clearly visible (if in really bad shape) then get it changed. also look at he middle (not the edges)of the belt. if you see the middle part of the belt kind of faded then thats not a good sign either. by middle i mean...through out the belt in the middle. not left not right. the middle.....not the center. i hope this makes sence. sorry couldn't be more help. please if you can.....can u please email me and tell me how much the car cost? to email me you can click on my picture and click on 'email' on the right side of the page or u can edit your post from this page by clicking on the plus sign under your name and click 'add more detail'.....i will check back...thanks.

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