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art wallpaper

I step out onto the dust

feel it touch my sins.

I know its time to move forward.

I thrive in the mystery of what can be.

I fold up all the symptoms of regret.

I see its torment.

I speak wisely to myself

and yet

I know myself too well.

I will stand before my paintings

brush in hand

ready for the strokes

I touch another dimension

I hold its mystery.

I sing to the music

hear its intrusion

it soaks up discontent.

I wipe my brow

I take cotton

wipe the blood away.

Dark fantasy art

fantasy art wallpaper.

I struggle unwisely at times.

No way to move past corners.

I wake up to what could be

host it all with coffee.

I sit and plan my stride.

I reach inside my pocket

full of lint.

'Stop it!"

I say.

Stop all the disbelief

and contend with unpainted canvases.

They wait

they decide my fate if I let them.

I coat myself with vinegar and soap

I will wash away these nightmares

thirteen times.

Oh and yet no

toss and turn

who will I be today?

Dark fantasy art

fantasy art wallpaper.

Blankets cover up potential

sure things.

Sentimental musings

untidy kitchen

blinded by the knowledge

of well meant affirmations.

Clearly I am allowed

allow myself

to come into a vision.

Yes, I sigh

despite my back and forth

troubled mind

at times.

All is well.

That is what I choose for this moment

that is all I need to see.

Paint on I tell myself.

Dream and make glitter out of nonsense.

Retreat to where I know I am magic.

Dark fantasy art

fantasy art wallpaper.

9 February 2007

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


Carolina Cerezuela with Patricia Vico ART wallpapers photos

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