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art jokes

I am a psychologist, not a professional comedy writer (After all, what fun this is the first sentence?). But when there about 20 years, I took an hour each day (and I mean 365 days) just to write the jokes, the jokes, some phrases for cartoonists, comedians and speakers, I thought was smart enough to make a life long habit.
It was fun, I learned a lot, and even sold a couple of jokes. However, the end of my ability to maintain its top disappeared and got burned.
The experience taught me 3 things: First, I am not destined to be a comedy writer full time. Second Instead, I developed a strong appreciation of professional writers, actors can do day after day, year after year. And thirdly, I learned to establish a single line. I have used this knowledge, because in speeches, meetings, drafting of others, and social conversation.
I came to the conclusion that it is not Rocket Science. If I can do, can do (provided you have a good sense of humor, an easy pun, and nothing better to do).
Before giving you my magic formula, I must say that the formulas do not work. A great one-liner, like any work of art has its own inspiration, follows its own rules, and we are surprised at his own wonderful way. Moreover, the jokes that I will use as examples are original (and not much fun, but certainly original). It's because I do not want pursued, especially by a comedian who says he was stealing his jokes.
So here are 5 rules for creating an online:
RULE 1: Select 2 items 1) the content of the joke, and 2) the topic of surprise. For example, say you've been putting in extra office hours. Now, just for fun to make this year a good mental health, also say they combine this with the fact that you have a dog. This is a way of combining them: "I've been putting in overtime, so I entered an empty house last night. I found a note. He said:" I can not take more. Went for a long walk in the park to reflect on our relationship. "It is from my dog."
Ok, no, what is so funny. This brings us to ...
RULE 2: Look for opposites, especially ridiculous and impossible otherwise. Many, many jokes are based in opposite directions. A few years ago at a meeting of Rotary when I finished the year of my presidency, I wanted to say a word before moving to the club to my successor. I started by saying: "Before formally charge of impotence ..." He laughed at Nice.
RULE 3: Develop the joke in a particular direction, so that the listener is caught in a hypothesis, then spring the joke. For example, they talk as if some important thing, and end with something trivial: "I would like to introduce my colleague, my mentor, my best friend and a man I owe five U.S. dollars ... "
RULE 4: Place the keyword or phrase, that changes the meaning, in the end of the line. You will notice that the last words in the three previous jokes are of the joke (dog, impotence, five dollars). Imagine a cocktail. Everyone has a drink in their hands, except of a type. Its the woman turns to him and said, "You know, George, should take some - otherwise people will think you're an alcoholic." It's much more fun than "I want people to think is an alcoholic, right?" It is best to drink. "The second line is not as much fun because the second theme (alcoholism) is introduced before the end. It blunts the surprise and shock comic at the end.
RULE 5: Get rid of every idle word and the idea. Nothing ruins a line on more than one word. My wife, Christine, is a paramedic with the Chicago Fire (She was my hero long before September 11). She works 24 hours. Over the years I developed a stock response to people asking me if I'm worried about my wife is in the fire station across night with all these men: "Hey, you're right. I better call and warn the kids." Is it a useless word in this answer, I think not.
Thus that there is. Follow these guidelines and can create a single line. Be mounted on a Henny Youngman, a Jay Leno, one of Ellen DeGeneres, one of Bob Hope, a Richard Pryor or George Carlin? Probably not, but it's fun, creative, a good mental exercise, and - who knows - you may find you have a knack for it.
O and a word of caution. If, while you follow these rules you think of something really fun, forget the rules. Choose what's funny.

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