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art.com inc

CHICAGO, IL A growing trend among independent artists is evident in the number of artists selling paintings, sculptures and photo art Internet.

Chicago DiscoveredArtists.com base, an Internet marketplace for buying and selling art, reports that more than four hundred artists have joined his online art gallery within days last sixty years.

These international, independent artists are a growing trend among artists who seek a better way to sell his art. Seeking an alternative to selling at art fairs and are based on the galleries to represent them.

The cost of exhibiting their work in exhibitions Art, like many artists has soared during the summer of recent years. And, traditionally, artists have relied on the art galleries to represent them. Without But few artists are able to get galleries to exhibit their works and even those who can, often frustrated by the high commissions that the galleries attached to each sale, where an artist only receives half the price.

So many artists are looking for a way to display and sell their art, and are looking on the Internet that other great thing.

Established artists and emerging artists flock to the Internet to promote their work online and sell their artworks to the public generally more effective.

One is a veteran artist, Richard Black, creator of Smokey Bear and the illustrator of the legendary icon of advertising, Mr. Clean. The Internet-skilled artist began his career long before the plastic keyboards were invented, but was quick to embrace the worldwide web as a place to show and sell their art.

Black, who is ninety-something, teaches at a local university, paints daily charges and regularly finished paintings in his gallery Online Art. Like most artists he has had to acquire knowledge of photography techniques and create high-resolution images that are so important for successful e-commerce sales of art.

Well, of course, generations of artists and art photographer Crina Internet Prida is a natural partner to showcase and sell their works online. Prida is a medical student, lives and works in Cluj, Romania, and has only been a photographer of seriously for two years.

The artist has already won several local contests, but more importantly, the exposure is made Internationl show and sell their works online.

From artists like Pride is promoting the Internet are in the process of creating a large following for his work see than previous generations of artists have always been expected to grow.

And so the artists are quick to display and sell their works online. Representation himself in what is now an art gallery across the world is a trend that is rapidly changing the world of art and how artists go to market.

And it's a positive change for art buyers, too. True art is now more accessible and affordable to the general public than ever. For the first time in history artists have a convenient way to display and sell their works, and buyers have a convenient way to find and buy real art. The Internet is a gallery art the world thousands of times larger than the Louvre, and much easier to navigate.

The veteran artist, Richard Black, creator of Smokey the Bear and the illustrator of legendary advertising icon Mr. Clean upgrade your fine art oil paintings of his virtual art gallery for DiscoveredArtists.com. Black, who is ninety-something, teaches at a local university, he paints every day and sell their works online. Paint ships directly from his studio in Ohio. Their online gallery has more than two dozen original paintings available for sale. This painting, entitled Africa is a 18 "x 24" oil original on canvas. Enlarge

Crina Prida lives and works in Cluj, Romania and has been a serious photographer for two years only. From artists like Pride is promoting the Internet are in the process of creating a much larger following for their work than earlier generations could ever hope for artists to farm. This art of photography is part a series of photographs entitled Circus Set available online Prida DiscoveredArtists.com art gallery. The artwork is approximately 16 "x 16" and is priced at $ 150. The artist ships directly his workshop in Romania. title = "The details of the fine art photo September Circus"> Enlarge

About DiscoveredArtists.com

DiscoveredArtists.com literally searches the world for talented artists who produce Decorative arts collector quality. The artists experienced artists ranging from established artists. But this is not the artist ... This model and the value for the buyer.

DiscoveredArtists.com marketing team advises artists on how to display and describe their work, but the artists are free to set their own prices. The paintings are shipped directly to buyers of the artist's studio, there is no man of the East, the margins of gallery or handling charges to keep prices reasonable.

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