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art blogspots

"In order to define art, it is necessary, first, to stop considering it as a means of pleasure and consider it one of the conditions of human life. Look at this way, one can not but observe that art is a form of relationship between man and man. "- Leo Tolstoy.
What is art? Art can be described as a process that produces beautiful than beauty itself can not be defined objectively. One can only guess the purpose of art is. According to Tolstoy, the aim of art is to pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, and create a relationship between the author and the "receiver". While blogs - art?

History blogs

Blogs were first introduced as weblogs that refer to a file server log " 's." Web was created when the record came into the online marketplace. Since its inception in the mid-1990s, web logging gradually saturated the virtual community to make the Internet a viable source of additional information.
The origin the term "weblog" is uncertain. Many point to John Barger in December 1997, where he coined the term in his own blog. 2 years later, Nelson Rodriguez broke "weblog", a single phrase "We blog, thus giving rise to the word" blog ". Hopefully this game of words at the end was removed, and "blog" as a short form, not only became a household name, but also as a verb. With the growing popularity of blogs has increased the popularity of the word "blog". In fact, in March 2003, the Oxford English Dictionary included the terms weblog, blogging and "Weblogger" in your dictionary. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary surprisingly declared "blog" as word of the year in 2004. (Wikinews, 2005)
From mid-1990 the number of blogs at an incredible pace in late 1999, the total number of blogs is estimated at about fifty-five years Later, the estimates ranging from 2.4 million to 4.1 million euros. The Open Diary site, while not using the term blog until recently, there were only two miles newspapers in 1999, and, in September 2005, jumped to 400, 000. The Perseus Development Corporation, a consulting firm that studies Internet trends, estimates that in 2007 more than 10 million blogs have been created. (Drezner and Farrell, "Web of Influence." 2004).

Blogs as a way to express

People blogs that are in their carefully chosen words to describe their feelings, emotions and experiences. Leo Tolstoy said in his essay "What is art?" "Art is a human activity is that, consciously, a man with certain external signs, hands on the feelings of others, he has lived, and that others are infected by these feelings and also experience. "
In a way, bloggers are artists. They create a relationship with their readers, as writers and professional painters do. Blog own space, his paintings, his book, where they can share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with others, give and receive information.
In art, you can write whatever you want in a blog, but there are things to be taken into account:
• You must have a blog interesting, informative so that results to thoughts and feelings of the readers.
• Create something beneficial to readers. Give your blog some quality content.
• "The simplicity is the final realization. After we played a lot more notes and letters, is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art. "Frédéric Chopin. No complicated in his blog. The more complicated the blog - at least it is art.

Blogs of Modern Art

So What is a Blog? The art is blogging? Blog that people own space on the Internet, his orchestra when he performs his symphonies, his diary, he wrote his essays, his paintings where he painted his works teachers, in a word - a space is created. What is the purpose of the artist? To create, to communicate concepts of morality.
Unfortunately not all Blogs can be classified as art. The blogs should be understandable and easy to understand. What if a blog or unintelligible as any unintelligible speech is good to be called "art" and the meaning of "art" will be lost. Blogs must have the form and content are the unit with the feeling and the ideas they represent. Blogs that shallow, unsophisticated, awkward, artificial, exaggerated, ostentatious, or trivial, are not art.
Tolstoy suggests that professionalism is killing technique, art causes become false and hypocritical. While maintaining the original blogs, personal and sincere, which can be described as art, modern art.
"In general, art is a product (of) human activity, made with the intention of stimulating the human senses and Online.
However, blogs are modern art while keeping personal, original, honest and intelligent. Blogs are web space and has all the tools and ideas to create your own masterpiece!

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