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Ampico Piano

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Ampico Piano
What's the best way to sell a 100 yr. old player piano with 350 music rolls ?

This is an Ampico reproducing piano. It has had only one owner since it was new. It is in unbelievable condition !

Piano's have a life span very similiar to a person. There is no way that this is an adequate instrument for performing on unless it has been rebuilt sometime in the past. It would take literally thousands of dollars to rebuild which is why nobody rebuilds uprights unless there is sentimental value or if it is a Steinway because there is always some fool who will pay big money for a bad piano with a Steinway logo on the fallboard.

You can buy new pianos from our friends in China for 2K and up. You can buy a great digital piano for 1K and up. This has killed the value of even decent used uprights.

As a conversation piece.. or an antique furntiture piece.. you might be able to assign a value. But as a musical instrument 100 years is just to old.

However, you need to do some more research because your piano IS NOT 100 years old. Ampico didn't start production until 1920 so even if it was built the first year they were in business it could only be 86. If it was built towards the end of production in the late 20's ,which is first of all an awesome time in history for alot of great pianos, then you might have something as young as 75 which (upon inspection by a technician) may have a few years yet before going to the music graveyard.

To answer your question more directly I would list it in your local paper. There is always a dad out there who thinks he can save a buck by buying something like this for his kid not knowing what a terrible waste of money it is (at least for that application). So check your paper often times they have archives of old classifieds online. See what similiar pianos have sold for. I suppose there is always someone who will pay a few hundred bucks.

Ampico Piano Roll Perforator

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