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Amp Ata Case

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Amp Ata Case

Link value is the total sum value of a link on any given page, it can be deduced by adding together the three keys of link value.

By knowing these keys we can assess the value of a link to our site and as such value all indexed incoming links.

Link value is important because some links may be considered valuable, however if they fail in 2 out of three keys of link value then they may not quite be as valuable as expected.

1. Page Rank

The first key value is the page rank of the page the the given link is situated on. The higher the page rank, the more valuable the link, or so it would seem. All things considered even, a high page rank link is good, or even great as a vote or confidence.

Page rank however is not the be all end all to link value...

2. Link Dilution

Link dilution considers just how many outbound links are situated on the page in question. This is because a page full of page rank is valuable, but each link shares in the value, hence the more links, the less value they share.

A link from a PR 9 page is excellent, but if that page has 500 links on it, then each link is sharing some heavily diluted page rank.

A link from a PR 9 page with only 10 outgoing links would be worth far more, around 50 times more (50x10=500).

3. Indexed Links

What's the point of having a link if it's on a page that's not indexed? The answer - Zero Point!

If a page doesn't get indexed then any links you have there are worthless. For this reason, you may want to check on any articles you have at article directories and make sure they are indexed, because if they're not, they are unfulfilled potential. Get links to those articles and get them indexed.

In Conclusion

If you want to get maximum value from a page it would contain all three key factors of link value. A good PR page, with few links and is indexed. Get all three of those factors working in your favor and you've go a link worth more than a bundle of non-indexed, low pr or page diluted links.

Make sure you check out some of your inbound links and see what you think of their value now!

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