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Adjustable Guitar

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Adjustable Guitar
decoration of an adjustable fabric strap with the guitar?

I have a plain black guitar strap (with the material, such as backpack straps, not leather one) and I wondered if I could sew a cloth over it to make it look cool, and have yet to be adjustable. It's for a gift btw. It would be great if someone could tell me how to (step by step), I show a video, or even tell me if is possible or not and I'll try me. thanks:)

Make a pattern by the silhouette belt. Twice the width and add 1.5 "for the seam. Add 1" to each end. Attach the strap of her face down on the wrong side of the fabric and make the fabric to the back of the belt, knitted by hand or use a fabric glue ... you want the tissue is as tight as possible to. Enlarge these images to better see how make a slip stitch - http://www.wikihow.com/Slip-Stitch

Martin Guitar with the Babicz Adjustable Neck- OMCRE

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