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guitar musicians
Guitar musicians. If I practise 4 hours a day for a year, how good would I get?

Hi, I learn from a professional guitar teacher. I am half way through Berklee book - A modern Method for Guitar. Wondering If I really put alot of practise in this year, 4 hours a day, how good would I get? Appreciate any thoughts from musicians.

My initial answer is that you would start to really stand out as a musician - most people are nowhere near dedicated enough to put that kind of effort into their craft! Just increasing practice gradually will show so much of a change in your sound, you will be very pleased. At the same time, just be careful to practice efficiently - that can mean the difference between practicing countless hours and getting frustrated, and excelling beyond belief. One or two hours of focused, intense, smart practice is very often better than four - four is quite taxing, I know. Also, breaking up practicing really helps me, and you may already be doing this. I never was in the habit of four hours, but when I was doing three in preparation for a recital, I did it in three one-hour segments (before classes, afternoon, and night), and really saw a difference that way. Your mind is just fresher and you can really take in more and analyze your needs better with that freshness. Concentrate on the fundamentals of music: scales, arpeggios and chords, and the rest will come naturally. You will be fantastic with the kind of commitment and enthusiasm you're suggesting!! Best of luck - go get 'em. :-)

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